The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company has been touring throughout the UK for the passed five years to theatres and festivals concentrating predominately on delivering our Cultural Diversity Awareness programme to schools .

We are credited Setpoint Ambassadors. This means that all our staff have passed a CRB check.

The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company have recently completed two very successful educational projects the first was funded by the Arts Council of England to deliver our Cultural Diversity Awareness programme to 35 Bradford Schools and the second project through SDSA Leicester was tailored to deliver a twinning school programme promotion Community Cohesion using MZN as the catalyst.

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MZN theatre Company in delivering a most effective cross curricular cultural diversity awareness programme have established over the years a long association with Education Action Zones , EIC, Creative Partnerships , Beacon Schools, Gifted and Talented, Leeds City Council Learning and Leisure and LEA’s to promote a wide range of government initiatives ranging from Citizenship to Community Cohesion.

We have designed and formulated our production to complement and promote the multi-cultural facet of the school syllabus in the UK.


(All of our MZN members) are part of the major national programme of Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) which is managed by SETPOINT, and co-ordinationed by SETNET. The aim of the SEAs Programme is to support teachers by enriching the curriculum, and to inspire and enthuse young people about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Most importantly, Ambassadors convey the importance of these subjects in everyday life and as a potential career.


The Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Programme allows (MZN) individuals and companies with a desire to communicate their enthusiasm for STEM to work with schools in a valuable and flexible way. All our MZN Ambassadors are given an induction briefing before working with schools, have passed a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check, and are covered by insurance while on SEAs activities to ensure they can maximise their value to the school, as well as enjoyment of the experience for themselves. Ambassadors are highly effective in the promotion of STEM and raising awareness of the career opportunities it provides. In return, our Ambassadors get the chance to develop their own skills, as well as “giving something back” and having fun.


Typical activities in which our Ambassadors can be involved include:

. Supporting school activities such as science and engineering clubs

. Helping with school STEM competitions, events and awards

. Assisting in extra-curricular STEM experiences

. Offering mentoring, career guidance or role model examples

. Helping to provide work-based placements for teachers and students.


Our Ambassadors receive government level recognition and support, including access to additional skills training and government-funded insurance, as well as the opportunity to influence policies and the activities that take place. Our Ambassadors report high levels of personal satisfaction from working with their local community, as well valuing the chance to develop their own skills.

Volunteers come from all areas of STEM activity and careers, but all share the same enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and for communicating this to others.

The SEAs programme benefits: teachers, who have access to extra, quality assured, skilled resources to support classroom staff; pupils, by making STEM subjects relevant to their everyday experiences and offering better understanding of the opportunities that can be offered by studying these subjects; and employers, by raising interest among future generations of potential employees.

Ambassadors are volunteers, often from industry, professional bodies and the wider business community, who receive training to improve their understanding of STEM education and their effectiveness in conveying it to others.

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