The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company has for the past 13 years been committed to promoting projects and activities designed to educate and develop multicultural awareness of all minority groups in the UK.

In partnership with Storey Productions (SA) and, The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company, has been acclaimed by educationalists as the most outstanding educational group currently touring the UK.

The main motivation of the project is to provide a unique cultural experience that merits the development of a creative foundation, designed to stimulate individual integrity.

Growing positive perceptions and understanding in pursuit of, respecting values while identifying with all the creative aspects of life encourages us to share our common humanity.

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This project has been praised for delivering a creative experience that positively promotes:-
. Racial Equality
. Citizenship
. Community Cohesion
. Creating Positive Perception without Prejudice
. Cultural Diversity Awareness
. Working along side Professionals raises the standard of the Pupils
. Roll Models for Pupils
. Outstanding cross-curricular cultural experience

What We Offer

We have designed and formulated our production to complement and promote the multi-cultural facet of the school syllabus in the UK.

You will experience a fun, interactive performance and workshop with profound educational merit. The pupils (and teachers) learn the dances of the Sangoma, Zulu Maiden and Zulu Warrior, in addition to traditional Zulu songs.

Detailed attention is given to the authentic costumes worn by the cast members, and the audience is taught how to greet in Zulu.

The Zulu Performers are Role Models for Pupils and teachers have commented that ‘Working alongside Professionals raises the standard of the Pupils.’

Our Package For Both Primary and High Schools Includes :

One Showcase Compilation Performance, performed before the entire school.

This production is communicated through Drama Song and Dance to provide a fascinating insight to Zulu folklore, customs and traditional way of life.

One General Workshop, performed before the entire school.

This deals with geographical, historical, social aspects. Also demonstrating the significance of dance and song as part of the traditional ritual blend.


Choice of 3 Specialized workshops, which can be chosen from the following :
Dance - This workshop explores Zulu rhythms and then a traditional dance routine. This workshop is for a maximum of 60 pupils, boys and girls.

Music - This opportunity is to learn traditional Zulu songs.  This workshop is for a maximum of 60 pupils, boys & girls.

Art  - This workshop encourages the pupils to explore their powers of visualization and perception, encapturing the use of colour significance to produce either work of arts detailing abstract design or still-life. Which could include props and traditional Zulu artefacts. perspective. Usually  for approximately 30 pupils, boys and girls.

Drum -  This is a fun, rhythmical collaboration between performer and pupils
to create traditional rhythmic melodies. Schools to provide drums and
percussion instruments.

Drama - To provide an opportunity to explore through speech, drama and song a traditional Zulu folklore story. This can be structured with groups of 20 pupils.

Recycled Sound - Pupils will be provided with a variety of recyclable articles to create an amazing symphony of sound. This is for approximately 30 pupils.

Traditional Gum-Boot Dancing - Pupils will be taught a lively gum-boot combination routine. Pupils will be required to provide their own gum boots (also known as ‘’Wellies’’ or Wellington Boots) This is for approximately 30 pupils.

Afternoon Show - Invite your local community and parents to attend this magical performance ± 20 minute compilation of dance & singing by the Zulu’s showcasing the pupil’s participation.

Evening Performance - Invite your local community and parents to attend this magical performance, highlighted by the pupils participation as part their contribution.
(Used by most schools as a successful fund raiser)


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